Printmaking Gallery

Leaf litter
etching 20x20cm

King Street Wharf
Etching  30x30cm

Kent Street
Etching 30x30cm

Forest Floor
etching 20x20cm

Slice Etching 20x37cm

Banksia  Etching 30x35cm

Kimberley Stories

Etching with watercolour collage 23x62cm

Imagined Landscape  Etching 30x35cm

Collagraph 25x25cm

Forest II
Collagraph 25x25cm

Birds nest fern Etching 20x20cm

Protea dream  Solarplate etching 30x25cm

Pappies rampant Etching and crayon 30x37cm

Bpats II  Etching 20x20cm

Boats I Etching 30x20cm

Blackwattle Bay  Chincollet etching 40x35cm

All at sea Etching 35x38cm

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney